How To Write Researched Posts Which Just Might Double Your Traffic

How to research topics for blog posts


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So how do you carry out in-depth topic research for your blog posts?





Have some time to brainstorm



This is your exploration phase so be open to all possibilities. Enumerate without evaluating and once the creative storm has passed, you will find a pearl in the debris.

Use Google’s autocomplete

Crafty content marketers know that beyond its super search engines faculties, Google is a treasure trove that can aid many marketing strategies.

Google’s autosuggest or Autocomplete 自2008年以来你已经过气耐人寻味的搜索,但有自2004年以来截至2010年它成为著名的谷歌即时,猜测你是什么不断要说的话像一个恼人的朋友一个实验性的功能。

Users will admit that it is an essential part of their search process and this feature basically accomplishes two tasks;

  • Ensures that you spend less time typing
  • Makes suggestions as you type based on what other people are searching for



Use related searches

Google’s related searches, located at the bottom of the Google search page, are also another free way to conduct your research.

相关搜索替代报价相关内容搜索并在他们的搜索范围的趋势。 ESTA信息,您可以提供更多的线索和灵感为你的利基话题,因为要记住,所有这些搜索都来自于真实的人与您的主题感兴趣。还有谁可以为您提供比你的目标受众更好的潜在客户?

What are your competitors writing about?


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Use good, old-fashioned keyword research



Use  title- and topic-generating tools


With some common sense though and a little insight you can make some awesome lemonade out of what these apps supply, to help you keep inspired and creative.

You can have loads of fun with online title generating software such as Answer The Public and Portent’s Content Idea Generator, and who knows, you could find some nuggets amongst the dirt. Is mining ever easy?




A house is as good as its foundation, so do not neglect your blog content’s substructure, no matter how hurried, inspired or uninspired you feel.

Give your blog content some good bones or you will risk having;

  • Content that is virtually invisible online
  • Lifeless content that doesn’t engage your readers and therefore not shared enough online.

When its all said and done, the fun is in the journey, not the destination, so enjoy every step to becoming an awesome content creator.

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